Exhibition and editing project (2013)

The project arose from a strong interest, an obsession even, I can say, with a single subject.
A human behavior, known and practiced by all.
A behavior so obvious and so peculiar to mankind, that we rarely think about it : the act of queuing !
The gathering of people following each other...
From the lines at school, the follow-my-leader in the playground ... to the funeral procession !
What about the waiting queue everywhere for everything : the queue of customers, the queue for humanitarian aids, the queue of followers, the military parade arranged in ranks, the danced queue, the marching bands, and so on ...

My choice for queues is plenty justified by its universal character, its sociological value and for its different motivations within a community.
Besides those aspects, from the blank ink I brush on the piece of paper, I intend to let emanate a kind of poetry some people will certainly catch with an understanding smile.